978-1-7334050-0-3 Ages 12+

Hazel Alina Galbraith is a 17-year-old spy from an alternate reality with a secret that might save the universe.

Or destroy it.

The only problem is, she doesn’t remember any of that.


What Hazel does remember is her life on earth: her recent breakup with her boyfriend; the bully who spreads rumors about her; that huge English project coming up. And Alek, an unfairly attractive foreign-exchange student with piercing eyes that haunt Hazel’s dreams.
Hazel can’t seem to stay away from Alek…. but she can’t seem to trust him, either. Caught between fear and desire, Hazel must choose between the past she’s left behind and the future she’s always wanted. With the fate of the universe on the line, is it too much to hope for a happily ever after?

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