It’s Been a Long Year… Or Two

Hey Readers!

It’s been a wild couple of years since I last gave an update on all things Regnum. Since August 2020, I’ve:

  • Survived a pandemic (phew, that was a thing)
  • Moved
  • Gotten a new job, woot!
  • Gotten a new job, again.
  • Gotten another new job (this one’s the keeper, I can feel it!)
  • Started working remotely full-time
  • Tried my hand at writing in the Adult Fiction genre
  • Sent my oldest kiddo off to Kindergarten
  • Began raising chickens (yeah, don’t ask…)

And a whole host of other things that have basically contributed to the delayed release of Hespera, Book #2 in the Regnum Trilogy.

But last week, after wrapping up the final chapter in my latest adult fiction novel, I’m pleased to say I’m firmly back in the world of Regnum Terra and churning out chapters as I try to make up for lost time.

So, barring the start of WWIII or some other catastrophic event, expect to see Hespera coming soon to an online bookshelf near you!

Thank you for your continued support, interest, and encouragement!