Updated Book Cover!

It’s officially been a full year since the release of Regnum Terra! To celebrate, I decided to revamp the book cover using some of the epic new digital tools I’ve learned to use in the past year.

If you’re looking to score a copy of Regnum Terra with the new cover, updates should be rolling out on all my online platforms within the next few days.

And for all of you readers eagerly awaiting the sequel, we’re almost there! Click here for the estimated release date and countdown.

Thank you for a wonderful year in the Regnum universe! Here’s to many, many more!


Hello readers! I’m excited to introduce you to the project I’ve been working on for the past several weeks. In addition to working tirelessly on the sequel to Regnum Terra, I’ve also had some fun putting together some swag for the book!

If you love the Regnum Trilogy and want to show your support, (or if you’re just looking for some really cool trinkets,) take a look at The Oxford Comma using the link below:


You’ll find stickers, mugs, phone cases, notebooks, and even t-shirts that are official, Regnum Trilogy swag. I have two designs on the website, and plans in the work for more!

Check it out, and let me know what you think! If you’ve read the book and have any design ideas that you think I should implement, please share!