Beta Readers

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to beta-read my novel, Regnum Terra! I look forward to hearing your feedback and opinions. A few things that I’m looking for from my readers:

Your Opinion!

Did you like my book? What was your favorite part? Who was your favorite character? Books, in my opinion, are meant to be shared and discussed. Go all book-club with me, and tell me what you think! Constructive criticism makes good things great.


The one thing I always worry about the most is whether my writing flows the way I want it to. While you were reading Regnum Terra, how did it feel? Which parts of the book felt fast-paced? Which parts seemed to drag a little bit? Were there some scenes you would cut altogether? Let me know!


No story is complete without characters. The best stories have characters that feel like real people; that are more than two-dimensional, and whose lives hook the reader and make them feel something. How do the characters in Regnum Terra match up? Is there a character you’d like to see more of? Is there a character you just love to hate?


Maybe a bit less fun, but save me from some embarrassment please! If you notice any grammatical or spelling errors in my novel, please let me know. My writing is far from perfect, so take the opportunity to call me out on it!

If you haven’t yet signed up as a beta reader, there are still a few slots left. Help me out, and I promise you a riveting story in return.

Thank you for supporting The Regnum Trilogy! Stay tuned for future updates!

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